Founded by Clayton Ellis, at Out of Africa we are very passionate about all forms of African art, from sculptures, paintings and ceremonial masks to taxidermy. We source our products from all over Africa with a particular focus on South Africa.

Our taxidermy is sourced from the best taxidermists in South Africa, organizations that share our values in terms of animal conservation and sustainable wild game management. We only deal in species that are in plentiful supply.

Our feature artist is one of Cape Town’s finest. Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal has his own gallery in Franschhoek, South Africa and exhibits and sells his works all over the globe. His secret silver technique, using different methods of layering and embedding heavy textures, brings his paintings to life. Additionally, he uses the negative white space around his subject matter to place the focus on the subject and create emotion. While the gallery has a particular focus on paintings featuring wildlife Junaid paints a wide selection of subject matter, we would gladly commission any unique requirements you may have.

We have new products coming in on a regular basis so there is always something new and exciting to enjoy in our gallery.