Fang Mask - Original (6)


Fang Mask - Original

These masks originate from Cameroon / Gabon and are made from wood, kaolin.

The territory covered by the Fang ethnic group is vast. There has never been political unity amongst the eighty Fang clans, but cohesion was maintained through the intermediary of judicial and religious associations such as the ngil.  The brotherhood of the ngil was a secret society whose aim it was to unmask sorcerers.  However, this ritual no longer exists.

The masters of ngil could travel from village to village without danger because of their role as peacekeepers.  They were considered useful in combating sorcery and evil practice.  The ngil used large, elongated masks covered with white kaolin and featuring a face that was usually heart-shaped with a long fine nose.  The masks need to be seen with their fibre ruff and with the dancers clothing of raffia strips in order to get an impression of the force of their presence.

These masks come on custom made stands and are approximately 60-65cms tall (including stand).